Custom Art

I have been commissioned to create pieces for guesthouses, businesses and private homes.


Every environment offers an opportunity to capture a new perspective, that includes your home or business, and we offer commissioned art services to create and supply focus pieces that are uniquely personal and undeniably original.



“Having original art in each bedroom gives the Guesthouse a warm, personal and stylish feel. Because they originate from our premises; it not only makes them conversational pieces but directly relative to the essence we wish to portray” – Darryn (17 on 13th Guesthouse)


“I have a piece of art in my lounge that no-one else will ever have, not even a copy – I love the feeling that gives me” – Elani


“I can stare at it for hours and see different things all the time, it is more than a beautiful piece of art, it is mindfulness whenever I want it” – Eleanor


Contact us for a quote:


Quote will include travel, photography, design and supply of several digital pieces, final artwork, printing and delivery.


We now offer final art pieces on glass or aluminium for an additional element of style.

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