“The greatest art is not what we create but what has been created around us.”

In a world where we are beginning to mistake connectivity for connection, it is no surprise that loneliness and depression are becoming common ailments in today's society.

I don’t doubt that we are a technological species but I also believe that we are spiritual beings, connected to the physical environment we inhabit.

What I portray is combination of these three elements, it is how I choose to see the world…

What do you see?

May 2020

At the end of March, my wife was suddenly unemployed as a result of the Corona Virus; after the initial shock, depression and anxiety wore off, I realised the extent the pandemic will have on so many lives.


The support we received was invaluable in so many ways, a kind word, an offer of support and guidance made all the difference and it made me want to be part of the solution.  I wanted others to recognise the unsung heroes in their own lives and I wanted to support those best positioned to help the vulnerable.

I have personally experienced the pain of trauma, abuse, mental health, unemployment and substance abuse. I work for a small charity where I am experiencing the impact of Covid-19 and I have witnessed the power of support and connection.

We may have a long way to go but already we have come so far, our actions are what define us and I for one have been overwhelmed by the positivity of the human spirit.

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